About us


MUWU was created to make something stylish, cool & also the most comfortable thing you own in your wardrobe!

We stand by the good in you, we believe in you, and you have the right to feel confident, comfortable and also make a statement!

So come, celebrate the fact that it’s time everyone join the #MUWU movement to be the best version of themselves.

It's time to Man Up, Woman Up!

We decided to create MUWU because we live for comfy clothing that make a statement! We also have no filter when it comes to saying how we feel & want to be the best version of ourselves! So combining all of that meant, we can give you a little of us, the way you give us so much of you! We love you... come join the MUWU movement. It’s time!

- Anusha & Karan xo

All of us are change makers in our own unique way. MUWU is our resonance to that fact to empower you with fresh fashion that is timeless.

- Gaurav Kumar

MUWU isn’t just a clothing brand. It’s a movement. In the most literal sense, it’s what bridges freedom of mind and body. To give you the confidence to be your best self, physically and mentally. It’s time you love yourself and tell yourself to Man up! Woman up!

                                                                               - Swati & Digvijay Kathiwada